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Home / Introduction : PLASTISART Company is specialized in plastic processing and industrial thermoforming.

Technical product components for industry : Seek PLASTISART Company for any needs and requests in technical product components for industry.

Decorative work : Specialized in plexiglass advertising, PLASTISART Company produce your decorative product and parts.

Sport & recreation : PLASTISART Company, expert in Thermoforming, purpose you its know-how in sport and recreation.

Transparent components & cockpits : PLASTISARTS Company develops and produces transparent components & cockpits for you.

Design : PLASTISART Company, specialized in plastic thermoforming, designs any advertising support you need.

Packaging : PLASTISART Company in Belgium purposes you a solution for any packaging you need.

Chromium-plated products : Based in Belgium, PLASTISART Company is at your service to develop chromium-plated products.

Pop advertising signs : PLASTISART Company is specialized in Point Of Purchase Advertising and sign creation.

Contact and booklet : For any requests, please contact PLASTISART Company located in Belgium.

Z.I de Martinrou Rue de Berlaimont 6220 Fleurus Belgique
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