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Who are we?

PLASTISART has been specialising in transforming and processing plastics since 1988 – thermoforming, blow molding, bending, milling, bonding...

Our activities cover the widest range of fields - component manufacturing for industry and decoration, furniture design and street fixtures, packaging, protective covers, transparent cockpits, illuminated elements, signs, chromium-plated logos, POS, promotional products...

We use a multitude of materials that are chosen to match the purpose of the product: ABS – POLYSTYRENE (PS) – PLEXIGLASS (PMMA) – PETG – PVC – POLYCARBONATE (PC)

Also active in the field of advertising and visual communications, where our reliability and our thermoforming expertise is acknowledged , PLASTISART regularly takes on outsourced work.

Located in the industrial area of Martinrou in Fleurus, close to the Aéropole Science Park in Gosselies, our manufacturing plant is equipped with high-performance production tools (large calibre thermoforming machines, CNC milling machine, paint booth, digital printer...).

Innovation and mastery of the art of thermoforming

Technical advice, selecting the tools and materials that best meet your needs

Integration and monitoring of the entire process - analysis and design, development and manufacture of the mold, programming the cutting, prototyping and production runs

Small, medium and large production runs

Shaping large items

Thermoforming can be pre-etched or chromium-plated

PLASTISART is at your disposal to analyse and quantify your project. Due to its low cost and flexibility, thermoforming is often the obvious choice.


For personalized information, contact us at 071/82.44.20 or via our online form.

Z.I de Martinrou Rue de Berlaimont 6220 Fleurus Belgique